Just Breathe Meditate Ring

Just Breathe Meditate Ring

We all need a little reminder in our daily routines to just take a moment to 'just breathe.' This ring is that perfect little reminder. It is made from pure brass. It was hand cut, sanded, shaped and stamped with the phrase 'just breathe.' A wonderful meditative piece of jewelry to add to your collection. The letters measure 2mm so they fit perfectly on the 5mm wide band.

It is highly recommended that you do not submerge your ring in water. Brass is a naturally tarnishing metal. Air and water will bring about the tarnish quicker. This ring is fully sealed with Everbrite, but with wear this finish will rub off. You can buff your ring with a polishing cloth to restore its brilliant shine. You can also re-seal it again with clear nail polish, or Everbrite.