45 CAL Smith and Wesson Bullet Cufflinks

PLEASE NOTE: The image shows the 40mm Smith & Wesson Bullet Cufflinks but these are 45CAL, so slightly larger.

These super edgy cufflinks are made from 45 CAL Federal Smith and Wesson Federal Bullet Casings that have been washed, polished, hand-cut, sanded and smoothed into the perfect little set of bullet cufflinks. The casings rest upon deep bronze sturdy cufflink bases that act as a perfect compliment to the bright shiny brass.

These would make perfect groom and groomsmen gifts, or just a perfect accessory for everyday wear.

AND these are fully customizable. If you have your own bullet casings that you would like turned into cufflinks, you can send them my way and I will turn them into your very own set of super-cool cuff links.

Also available for wholesale pricing. Message me for more details.

Please note, production lead time is 2-4 business days with 2-4 days in shipping. If you need expedited shipping please message me and I can customize the listing for you.


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