Just Breathe Gold Brass Ring

Just Breathe Gold Brass Ring

This ring is a wonderful little reminder to just stop every once and awhile to 'just breathe.' The ring is made from pure brass which is bright and shiny like gold but without the big price tag. The band measures 5mm and the small 2mm letters fit perfectly on the band so that when worn you can see the entire phrase of 'just breathe.'

The ring is hand cut, sanded, shaped, stamped and then sealed. It is sealed with ProtectaClear to help keep the ring tarnish free. Over time the protective coating will begin to wear off. If you begin to see the ring darkening or becoming dull simply buff it with a jewelry cloth to restore the bright shine. You can reseal it with any jewelry grade clear lacquer

Available in sizes US 6, US 7, and US 8. The rings are slightly re-sizable so you can accommodate the half sizes. It is not recommended that you resize the ring more than a few times as it can start the warp the ring's shape.