Sterling Silver Refuse To Sink Nautical Ring

Sterling Silver Refuse To Sink Nautical Ring

A wonderful ring that is hand cut, stamped, and shaped from solid Sterling Silver. It features the phrase 'refuse to sink' but in place of the letter 't' you get a wonderfully whimsical tiny anchor. It's just such a great reminder every day that no matter what gets thrown your way, not matter how bad the storm, you will weather it a get through to the other side.

This ring is available in US Ring Size 6-8. It is slightly adjustable so you can adjust to the half sizes if necessary.

This ring is available in a 14k Gold Filled band upon special request. If you are looking for a beautiful Gold ring in this style, please message RMC via the website.

To care for your ring, be sure not to submerge it in water, especially chlorine or salt water. The Sterling Silver has been sealed with ProtectaClear to protect it from the elements, but over time and with regular use this coating will begin to wear off. If you see your ring begin to dull or darken, simply buff it with a polishing cloth to restore its original shine. You can also re-seal it with any jewelry grade lacquer.