Just Breathe Gold Brass Knuckle Rings

Just Breathe Gold Brass Knuckle Rings

This ring set features two rings, one says 'JUST' and the other 'BREATHE' creating the perfect reminder for you to get you through your days, especially the really tough ones.

These rings are designed to be worn just below your first knuckle. You can wear one per finger, or stack them one on top of another. It doesn't matter, as long as you wearing them helps bring you some peace to your busy days.

The rings were hand cut, sanded, stamped, and shaped. Each set is going to be a little bit different. These are not meant to be stamped perfectly with perfect spacing and lines so they maintain a little bit of whimsy. The rings will measure a ring size US 4 which will fit most fingers. The backs of each ring are purposefully open for both aesthetic and practical reasons. The rings will be able to be re-sized up or down slightly for a custom fit for your fingers. It is NOT recommended that you re-size these rings beyond a 1/2 ring size. If you feel you have much larger or smaller sizes of your upper knuckle area please message me and I will try to accommodate your ring size.