Sterling SIlver Just Breathe Meditate Ring

Sterling SIlver Just Breathe Meditate Ring

This stunning and very uplifting ring is a pure Sterling Silver band that features the phrase 'just breathe.' The ring is hand-cut, sanded, shaped and stamped. It is a perfect compliment to any busy lifestyle as we all need a reminder every now and then to just stop and take a minute.

This ring is polished to a beautiful high shine. It has been sealed in ProtectaClear to maintain this shine, however with wear over time the protective layer will wear off. If you begin to see signs of your ring darkening and want to restore the shine simply buff it with a jewelry cloth. You can re-seal it using a jewelry laquer, or even nail polish if you so choose.

The ring is slightly re-sizable but it is not recommended that constant resizing occur as it can warp the ring's shape.