Positive Mantra Rings Fearless Courage Strength Faith Dreamer

Positive Mantra Rings Fearless Courage Strength Faith Dreamer

What better way to remind yourself of the positive than to wear a little reminder on your finger. These very bohemian rings each feature a positive mantra that will help get you through those tough parts of the day. These bright gold brass rings have been hand cut, sanded, stamped, and shaped. They are purposefully left slightly open in the back to allow for slight resizing up or down. So if you are a size 6.5 ring size you can order a size 7 ring. Or an 8.5 you can order a size 8 and resize up or a size 9 and resize down. It is highly recommended to only resize these rings only once as the metal can become weakened and warped if you are constantly trying to make it larger or smaller.

Choose from 'Fearless,' 'Courage,' 'Faith,' 'Strength,' or 'Dreamer'

You will receive one ring with purchase.

These would make for great stacking rings! AND when you purchase two, you get the third free!! WHOHOO.

If you are adding a second ring to the cart, be sure to add them separately so that you can select what you want the second ring to say. If you forget this step and simply select the quantity as two, no problem. You will just get an email asking you what you would like.