Smith & Wesson Bullet Stud Earrings

14k Gold Filled posts
Smith & Wesson Bullet Stud Earrings

These edgy little stud earrings pack a big bang! They are made from genuine Smith and Wesson bullet casings that have been hand polished, cut, sanded and then fitted with 14/20 gold filled earring posts. They are wonderfully lightweight and fit on the ear perfectly making a big statement without a big clunky earring.

These would make for a perfect gift for a military wife or mom, an outdoor loving woman, or just any beautiful woman looking to add a unique accessory to her jewelry collection. These also make for amazing bridal jewelry. Deck out your bridesmaids with these bullet studs to complete your cowboy, military, or outdoor themed wedding. Or be the coolest bride on the planet with a pair of your own. These are also available with a little bit of bling. Check out the Swarovski Bullet Stud Earrings here:

Please note that each pair of earrings will be genuine Smith and Wesson bullet casings, but the exact type may vary. Your pair may be one of the following: FC12, Federal, PMC, WIN, Blazer, Speer, etc. If you have a very specific type of Smith & Wesson bullet that you prefer, please be sure to message me upon checkout so that I can create your perfect pair of bullet stud earrings.