Liability Waiver

Any and all jewelry and accessories purchased from Release Me Creations are not intended for children. It is the responsibility of the buyer to prevent any whole piece, or part of the jewelry purchased from Release Me Creations from getting into the hands of children. Release Me Creations and any representative, employee, family member related to the business are not liable for any reason should a child get ahold of the jewelry or accessory.

In purchasing from Release Me Creations, you, the buyer, waive and release all liability from Maureen Kirchdoerfer and Release Me Creations for any injury and/or death resulting in any form from the jewelry. It is not to be put into the mouth, nor worn during any activity in which it might snag resulting in injury.

In purchasing anything from Release Me Creations, the buyer assumes all responsibility for any and all damages, injuries, and/or losses from wearing or owning the jewelry. The buyer waives any claims against the Maureen Kirchdoerfer, Release Me Creations, and any employee or related party individually or otherwise.