Rustic Wood Family Portrait Ornament Wall Decor

This super unique keepsake can serve as a holiday Christmas ornament or something to adorn your wall or desktop all year long. This is made using a slice of natural pine or birch wood. Each one is 100% unique as the shapes and sizes will all vary slightly as branches do in nature. The photgraphs are hand melded onto the wood using a 3 day process so they are not just glued on, they are actually a part of the wood. You will see some of the wood grain and imperfections of the wood coming through the images. The images themselves will have a slightly vintage look and feel. Included with each ornament is a gold tag with the respective year. For the ornament you will also have a white braided string with a metallic gold ribbon running through.

You have two sizes to choose from: Small and Large
The small size ranges from 2-3" wide by 2-3" tall. The large size ranges from 3.5" wide by 4.5" tall.

If you would like for these to hang on your wall using wall hangers (thus not requiring the hole and string) please indicate with the personalized question asked during checkout.

Purchase multiples for a discount! Enter Coupon Code: MULTISLICE for 10% a purchase of 2 or more ornaments.

E-mail your picture to ReleaseMeCreations [at] hotmail [dot] com


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