Large Paper Flower Single Rose Bridal Backdrop Baby Nursery Shower Birthday Home Decor

These large paper flowers range in size from 8" to 24". They are completely handcrafted, and each one is completely unique as each petal is hand shaped and curved.

These flowers are perfect for bridal and baby showers, wedding decor and decorations, nursery decor, and home decor.

Each flower has an attached loop on the back and comes with wall fasteners, which includes a panelboard nail for each flower. You will receive instructions and tips for hanging when you receive your order.

The base listing is for a single Sweet White colored flower in whatever size you select. The sweet white is a white with a slight cream undertone, which takes out the unnatural starkness that a pure bright white can possess. Customizations include colors, and for some listings leaves and vines as accents. If you leave the customization question blank, you will receive the Sweet White colored flowers. If you require color customizations please answer the question with the basic colors you are looking for. You will be contacted via e-mail to perfect the order with the colors you want.

SHIPPING: Shipping is listed as free, but what does that really mean? Your shipping cost has been built in to the cost of the listing, along with all shipping materials. It is done this way because each different size flower has a different shipping cost based on the box size. If you live in the DFW Texas Metroplex you are eligible for discounts on your flowers for pickup or local delivery. If you reside within the Metroplex, or North Texas you can select Local Pickup 76131, or DFW Texas Local Delivery. I will cross reference your address and refund a portion of your flower cost based on your selected shipping choice.

LEAD TIME: For single order flowers, and orders under 5 flowers lead time is approximately 5 days for creation. Shipping will take 3 days beyond that. For large orders please allow 1-4 weeks depending on the order size.

Sizes Available (+/- 1"):
XL 24"
L 20"
M 17"
S 12"
XS 10"
XXS 8"